Joseph Blake Smith Arkansas as a Painter


This article has written about Joseph Blake smith Arkansas, a very magnificent painter. And his work is second to none in the world. He always creates unique things in his work.


His childhood was spent playing mischief in the streets like other children۔But he was a little different from the other kids. And he was always lost in a different thought. Joseph Blake Smith Arkansas thinks he has to do something new to make a name for himself.

At the same time, he meets an artist, who is very impressed with his mind. And he thinks of giving up everything and becoming the same. He is currently studying at the O ​​level and is a very intelligent student.

 Joseph Blake Smith Arkansas’s parent’s dream of becoming a good doctor or engineer, like the rest of the people. But his heart is pounding from reading and his heart is always on looking at paintings.

How he starts

His parents send him to school, but he goes for a walk in the painting’s gallery. In the same way, he wastes one year in his studies. And the promising student of his class fails miserably for his hobby. This stops the conversation. But his passion does not diminish. Eventually, his parents give in to his passion. Joseph Blake Smith leaves his studies and begins his journey to his new destination.

He finds a very kind teacher in the form of Mr. Orchard, who is a world-renowned artist. Mr. Orchard examines her hobby and sees her as a great painter of the future. From day one, he urges Joseph Blake Smith of Arkansas to take a closer look at things and to observe them. He begins to ponder in different scenes and people and forms his own opinion. Joseph Blake Smith Arkansas is already very thoughtful and going to the bottom of everything. And working with Mr. Orchard makes that skill even better.

Joseph Blake Smith Arkansas as a Painter

Mr. Orchard calls her to him and first thinks of her۔If you want to make a name for yourself, the first thing is hard work and work hard until your work speaks for itself. Work. Do it so quietly that your success will make noise. Joseph Blake Smith nods in agreement with his teacher and promises to work hard and diligently. About two months later, Orchard sends him to a mountainous area and tells him to meditate on what he understands.  Arriving in a remote mountainous area, he sits on a quiet peak and watches the scene intently until evening, when the evening falls and adapts to his picture.  When he shows his first painting to Mr. Orchard, it is a picture of a man sitting on a hill, sitting very quietly, watching the still water of the ocean.

Mr. Orchard is so amazed by the first paintings that he becomes silent for a moment. And he gives him a lot of praise and also prays to move forward. Thus, the work begins and he progresses twice a day and four times a night. with so many new paintings, he amazes and disturbs his entire art school. And the whole school becomes fond of his paintings.

Joseph Blake Smith Arkansas as a Painter

But after a while, he is shocked and his very kind teacher Mr. Orchard dies. The burden of all the work falls on him. But he does all his work in a cheerful and honest manner. He works hard day and night to make a name for himself in the world and sacrifices his sleep for work. Joseph Blake Smith Arkansas One day he is walking and he sees a crippled eagle sitting in a nest. And as soon as this painting of his comes to light. Everywhere in the world of paintings, the name of Joseph Blake Smith Arkansas starts to shine like a bright star.


He takes a few days off from school and goes to a covered area۔And there he begins to search for his paintings. Many thoughts resonate in his mind۔But he is looking for a job that will make the world tremble. Eventually, he sees a pregnant woman filling the water with difficulty. And the pain that is visible all over the body. He also examines it carefully and for three days in a row, he sees the same scene۔finally he creates a gallery of masterpiece paintings in which he draws beautifully all the waves of mother’s love and labor during pregnancy on these paintings.

As soon as these paintings come to light, people start wailing۔And the name Joseph Blake Smith Arkansas is being talked about all over the world۔Big people want to meet her.Because it beautifully depicts the pain of a mother’s life for her child Honor is a dream for him. And tears come out of happiness.


Joseph Blake Smith, receiving the Arkansas Award, describes how hard he worked to control his desires and emotions. He gives us motivation and tells the story of this difficult journey of his life. Many desires are buried behind every big name. No seed can grow without being found in the soil. Work so quietly that your success becomes your identity as he changed his life۔Because he had a goal, everyone should make a goal, a dream to live. Everyone should make a goal, have a dream of living, and work day and night for it.