6 Real Struggles Every Artist Goes Through

Being creative is a gift that not every artist has or understands. Creative people see the world differently. You have a deep passion for creating beautiful things. However, this gift does not come easily. A constant stream of ideas is great, but what happens when you stay up all night?

 What do you do when they suddenly stop and are completely lost? The feeling of not being good enough can tear you apart. If you are not seen as a professional, you may question your career choices. These are just a few of the many problems artists face. Well Blake Smith Arkansas explains, here are some others you can identify with as an artist.

1. Be envious of other artists’ skills

Even the best artists can find someone better than themselves. Frustrating considering how much effort was put into it. Remember there are always new techniques to help you grow as an artist. Turn your eyes with envy and get inspired by these artists.

2. Graphite Palms

If all you care about is graphite palms, you’re in pretty good shape. Art supplies tend to be messy, and once you’re in the zone, your paint (and whatever you’re using) will fly everywhere… clothes, floors, faces, ears, literally everywhere. In this sense, you also tend to be judged for your lack of organization. Creative minds are rarely orderly, right?

3. Ask “Will you draw me?”

“Oh, are you an artist? Draw a picture of me!” First, there are many kinds of artists. Graphic designers, painters, graffiti artists, and more. Who says you want to give up everything you’re doing to paint a stranger for free, even if you’re focused on painting?

Why do other people think you can’t make money just because you’re an artist? Do you really think you’re a failure? The “starving artist” is clearly just a myth, as many artists make huge profits.

4. Ideas interrupt your sleep

If an epiphany strikes and you have an early morning appointment that requires you to attend at the most inconvenient time, such as 3: 00 am. And you can’t just go back to sleep. It’s almost impossible to come up with that idea now that the wheels are spinning. there is an objection. Feels like a complete failure here.  Blake Smith Arkansas advice: But don’t give up! Find ways to rekindle your creativity. 

5. Not everyone takes you seriously

 His art is often considered more of a hobby than a profession.

6. They don’t understand the hard work

Never understand the pain involved. It’s not all fun and games. No more sitting down and drawing smileys with your fingers like in kindergarten. But that’s what they assume you’re doing. Unless you actually pick up a brush and try it yourself, you probably won’t get it.

So these are all problems that you are likely to face as an artist. The point here is to keep doing it no matter what other people think. You follow your passion It’s a bumpy road, but the rewards are great if you follow it. Don’t let the little things get to you. The next time someone rolls their eyes at your messy studio, think about the amazing things that come out of that studio… Really make the “starving artist” a myth.  Blake Smith Arkansas says, Prove them wrong! You can be successful as an artist. Believe in yourself and that you will do it.

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