• Real Struggles Every Artist Goes Through

    6 Real Struggles Every Artist Goes Through

    Being creative is a gift that not every artist has or understands. Creative people see the world differently. You have a deep passion for creating beautiful things. However, this gift does not come easily. A constant stream of ideas is great, but what happens when you stay up all night? ¬†What do you do when they suddenly stop and are completely lost? The feeling of not being good enough can tear you apart. If you are not seen as a professional, you may question your career choices. These are just a few of the many problems artists face. Well Blake Smith Arkansas explains, here are some others you can identify…

  • The popularity of abstract art

    The popularity of abstract art

    Because it serves a purpose in this world for both the creator and the observer, abstract art is popular. Many people gather abstract artwork to spruce up their surroundings, as an investment, or to bring a bit of modern culture into their lives. They frequently connect with the artwork because of its colors, forms, texture, or vitality. Their living space is altered by the artwork, which also creates a livable environment. Making the artwork can be an expressive way for the artist to release their feelings and creative energy. For many abstract artists, the act of painting is genuinely therapeutic and very meditative. This has been demonstrated to be accurate,…