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Painting Artist

Describe Painting Art Painting Art is an experiential activity similarly, the activity of conversation and the activity of mirroring or witnessing. In my research In my research into my artist identity into my artist identity. joseph Blake Smith Arkansas he intention is to include a timetable of art painting processes, which will consist of certain times in the following months. Painting Ideas of setting a limit on time.

The basic components of why, what, where, when and how investigated in the art paintings and dialogue and reflection applications can be located in the art paintings themselves and in some of the text and explanation of each of the art paintings on the website.

The reflection processes aim to transcend the art paintings and dialogue states of consciousness. I will endeavor to consciously manifest the witness during times of art painting and dialogue. This will involve dis-identifying with the art paintings and dialogue processes.

Art Painting Activity

The Painting activity is the identity of exploration and awareness. Basic components of what, where, when, how, and why they take to describe the following applications.

Similarly, these activity is chosen instead of other media because of the paint quality and fluid response. Despite, background in ceramics, art painting is where passion lies.


how to comprise art painting

According to my exploration, six art paintings will be taken. These are abstract art paintings and symbolic paintings. Other than in these paintings have included canvases stretched professionally with concrete underlay.

When the painting takes place

Where They Take Place

How They Occur

Dialogue with Art Paintings

What the Dialogue Will Comprise

joseph Blake Smith, Arkansas

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